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Mastica or ‘Mastic gum’ is the resinous extract of an indigenous tree (Pistacia lentiscus) on the Greek island of Chios.

Supporting your stomach, bowels and digestion

Slow or poor digestion can affect your emotional state. Want to restore your stomach and bowels to their optimum function? A few minor adjustments to your daily life will help you on your way.

What can you do to support your stomach, bowels and digestion?

It all starts with your eating and drinking habits. Opt for smaller, healthy, varied, fibre-rich meals consumed at regular intervals. Ensure that mealtimes are relaxed and chew thoroughly. Swap coffee and soft drinks for tea and water.

Adopt an upright, relaxed body position and exercise more frequently. This also has a positive influence on your bowels.

Avoid tension and stress, and unwind using breathing exercises, yoga or meditation.

Dietary supplements containing natural ingredients can also promote normal stomach, bowel and digestive function.

Natural support

Nutrisan actively goes in search of powerful nutrients from Mother Nature. We harness our pure production techniques and scientific expertise to process these into innovative, high-quality dietary supplements. Ingredients that can aid or promote digestion:

mastic gum supports digestion and is gentle on your stomach
aloe vera, selenium, folic acid, vitamin B6, zinc and vitamin C are beneficial for normal immune system function
blueberry is good for normal bowel function
aloe vera supports digestion
boswellia serrata is good for your intestinal and respiratory health

More about Nutrisan

Nutrisan is a pioneer in the field of high-quality, scientifically-backed dietary supplements of natural origin. You can only obtain our products from specialists, general practitioners, pharmacists and paramedics.

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