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Review: Keynote Dinner ‘Stronger by Nature’

A brief review of our successful ‘Keynote Dinner: Stronger by Nature’.
Review: Keynote Dinner ‘Stronger by Nature’

Wednesday 19 June our Keynote Dinner took place in the Artcube in Ghent. We were proud to present the new Nutrisan brand and completed the evening with special lectures focused on the future of health. Because innovation is one of our pillars. In addition, professionals from all over Belgium were able to exchange ideas with each other and with us.

Jan De Backer, General Manager, opened the evening with a welcome speech. After this, our own Wesley Guerra, Chief Innovation Officer Nutrisan, gave a look at the latest trends in the nutritional supplement market. He was joined by Sanaz Sadegh, Nutrisan’s New Developments Officer. Sanaz explained the importance of innovation and how Nutrisan is responding to it.

Afterwards Koen Kas, Healthcare futurist & Delight thinker gave an inspiring, visionary lecture on tomorrow’s health care. Koen Kas combined science and technology to create a more personalized health care that is taken to a higher level. He brought innovative, creative, game-changing insights with him. And clarified these insights with a dozen practical examples.

FocuSan was also put in the spotlight. A product that consists of Belgian Panax ginseng produced through a unique and innovative production process. A clear example of the innovation that we want to promote with Nutrisan.

Education via e-learning will only become more important in the future. NutriFaculty, the online learning platform for health professionals, responds to this perfectly. A flexible way of attending lessons without losing quality, because everything is strongly scientifically based. By contributing to this, we hope that the right information about natural ingredients will be disseminated and that more attention can be paid to these ingredients in the healthcare sector. Read more about Nutrifaculty on our blog or on the website.

Review: Keynote Dinner ‘Stronger by Nature’

One thing is for sure the developments for health support do not stand still, but neither do we, so be sure to keep an eye on our website to discover the latest developments of Nutrisan.

Some pictures of the evening

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