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“THE TIME”: ‘Even music has an impact on our ginseng plants’.

We are proud to work with an innovative manufacturer such as Botalys.  In the article published in ‘De Tijd’ on 31 August, Paul Evence Coppée, one of the founders of Botalys, discusses the effects of ginseng plants in detail and how they develop them.


One speaks of good ginseng when it is 10 to 50 years old. The reason for this is that over the years the plant has had to defend itself against drought and insects. It is at these times that the plant produces substances that appear to be useful for humans.

Botalys has developed a process that can imitate all these conditions such as seasons, insects,…. In this way, they succeed in growing a ginseng root at 14 months of age, the active substances of which are similar to a 50 year old wild ginseng root.

The power of ginseng

In the root are the active substances of the plant, the so-called ginsenosides.

“Ginseng makes you more resilient, gives you energy, supports your immune system and stabilises the sugar level in the blood. These are the claims we can make in Belgium. It helps against stress, promotes concentration and keeps your brain sharp. Ideal for students during exam time or at work.”

– Paul-Evence Coppéee (Botalys co-founder)

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