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Nature’s hidden powers for your airways

The immune system, also known as your defense system, consists of countless substances and white blood cells that work very closely together to defend the body. If during a bleak, wet fall or ailing winter the humidity is running wild and it is alternately chilly and mild then your immune system is put to an extra test. So during the darker months, you’d better make sure your immune system is in optimal condition. But how do you do that?

You can train your immune system

  • Activate your immune system by being active yourself. Exercising at least half an hour every day is very good since moderate-intensity exercise boosts the immune system considerably. Go walking, cycling, dancing, fitness, swimming, … choose what makes you feel good and does not overload yourself. Also try to be positive in life, because stress periods and poor sleep are detrimental to your immunity. Of course, sometimes it’s easier said than done. Good to know is that physical activity also has a positive impact on your stress levels and sleep. So exercise is a win-win! More information and tips on how to deal with stress can also be found in our blog.
  • Beneficial polysaccharides as a stimulant. Polysaccharides from beneficial mushrooms (e.g., oyster mushroom, shiitake, reishi) or traditional plants are ingenious triggers to keep the immune system alert. They are complex natural carbohydrates that stimulate all players within the immune system.
  • The right nutrients. To keep working properly, the immune system also uses numerous nutrients. These include several nutrients but first and foremost we think of vitamins C and D. Two vitamins, especially the latter, that the body often does not have adequate supplies of during the winter months.
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Herbal assistance for your resistance and airways

You soon notice when your throat and airways could use some soothing support. Fortunately, the plant world has a great wealth of natural support to make you as comfortable as possible and quickly recover.



Indian gentian (andrographis) is useful for an initial tickle in the throat or cough and helps to breathe more freely. It is definitely the first aid you had best have lying around the house, because you should preferably use this Ayurvedic herb ‘Kalmegh’ within two days. Quickly started, therefore, is won within five days.





In addition, Round sundew and Icelandic moss also calm the throat, and peppermint and vitamin C (from acerola) contribute to the normal function of the immune system.



Finally, Echinacea also has hidden powers. This herb is good for the immune system as well as the respiratory system. Originally from North America, the plant is also an asset in your garden because of its beautiful and unique flowers.

Nature has much to offer to support you in the best way possible. So checkmate those winter ailments!
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