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What are the best ways to relax? 6 tips for a relaxing life

Having a relaxing life is difficult.  Especially when stress, poor sleep and depression are conditions that have become increasingly common in recent years due to increasing pressure from society and stress stimulants from everywhere.

Belgium is one of the countries where most sleep and sedatives are taken. Possible side effects of these sleep and sedatives are daytime sleepiness, habituation, addiction, a higher risk of falling and cognitive disorders.1

Therefore, take regular time to relax and unwind and first think about alternatives such as healthy eating, exercise, … It is therefore important to apply the following tips for a relaxing life!

relaxing life

Tips for a relaxing feeling

Relaxation can be something different for everyone. Try out different things and take the time to discover what is most relaxing for you.

tips relaxation

Cooking as a form of relaxation

Cooking can be very satisfying. It can start with the search for a fun dish on the internet, in magazines, cookbooks,… or trying out new ingredients that you have discovered in the supermarket. You can use it as a moment for yourself or as quality time with the whole family. Do you always have trouble doing all your grocerie shopping in the supermarket for a whole week? Think about the menu for the whole week at home in advance and write down all the ingredients. No more stress about ‘what to eat’ during the rest of the week and time savings because no extra shop visits are needed at double win!

Out of the box relaxation

Watching TV is relaxing for many, but try a different form of rest every now and then in the evening. A warm bath on a cold winter evening and then crawl under the wool with a book or magazine, a late evening walk on a beautiful summer evening, drink tea with music in the background or make nice plans for the future.

tips relaxation
tips relaxation

On discovery

Discover new places in your own town or municipality by going out by bike, on foot, on foot, …

Music brings relaxation

Put on your favorite song and have a good time. Do you both or the whole family love music? Let fragments of film music, hits through the years, … be heard and try to guess and/or sing along.

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Relaxed through creativity

Let your creativity run free with your own project.

Do you love:

  • Cooking: Make your own cookbook
  • Walking: Set up a walking club with some friends or neighbors and devise activities.
  • Gardening: Design a flower arrangement, your own herb garden or look for new flowers and plants for that one piece of garden that isn’t quite your thing yet.Even small projects can put stress stimulants aside and relax: puzzling, collecting things, keeping a diary, …
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Don’t worry, be happy

Start your day relaxed by taking a breath of fresh air and breathing calmly. Be positive about the day to come and start with a smile or some crazy pelvis in front of the mirror or with your children. Take this feeling with you to work. Don’t get excited when you are stuck in traffic but enjoy the moment to listen to music or a podcast.

Can you use some help to relax? Then nature can provide support.

  • Lemon balm is calming, sustains a good mood and promotes a good night’s sleep.
  • Ashwagandha, Schisandra, Siberian ginseng, Panax ginseng and rhodiola are adaptogenic plants, which means that they provide support in stressful periods.
  • Saffron supports a good mood and helps to maintain a positive attitude.
  • Turmeric brings a mental balance and supports brain function.
tips relaxation
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