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The superpowers of turmeric revealed

Turmeric, or the yellow gold of Asia, is a remarkable ingredient. The popular herb is used in Indian cuisine for its delicious taste and bright yellow color, but is also gaining popularity as a superfood or supplement. Rightly so? Be sure of it! Turmeric has an extremely versatile effect.

Turmeric spice

Turmeric, with its attractive yellow colour, forms the basis of curry powder and is widely used in oriental cuisine. This spice comes from the dried rhizomes of Curcuma Longa, a plant belonging to the same family as ginger. In addition to its delicious taste and bright colour, turmeric has been used for centuries in Indian ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine. But in recent years, this plant is also gaining more popularity here.


Turmeric a versatile, powerful and healthy spice

The popularity of this herb lies in its versatile and effective action.

For supple joints

One of the most researched areas of application of turmeric is its effect on the joints. It is important that you can continue to move freely and smoothly when you live an active life or during aging. When you experience problems, Curcuma longa is a good choice to support the joints. In 2016, for example, more than 15 thoroughly substantiated clinical studies were conducted on the support of turmeric for the normal functioning of muscles, tendons and joints.

This also shows that turmeric is one of the most scientifically researched spices. It is therefore considered safe and can be taken with confidence.

Let’s take a closer look at the other benefits of turmeric:
  • helps maintain flexible joints.
  • supports liver health.
  • supports the immune system.
  • has antioxidant properties.
  • is good for the skin.
  • supports cardiovascular health.
  • promotes the health of the upper respiratory tract.
  • helps the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Curcumin as active ingredient

The efficacy of turmeric is mainly due to the presence of curcuminoids. This is a group of fat-soluble polyphenols of which curcumin is the most important. Moreover, curcumin is a strong antioxidant, in this way it helps protect body cells against oxidative stress and is responsible for the typical yellow/orange color. Other important curcuminoids are bisdemethoxy curcumin and demethoxy curcumin. Turmeric also contains essential oils. These active substances offer a wide range of physiological properties.


Should we all start cooking with turmeric now?

As a seasoning for dishes, it is certainly recommended, but turmeric, as most people know it in the kitchen, is very difficult to absorb. Moreover, the spice from the kitchen cupboard contains only a low concentration of active substances, usually only 2% of curcuminoids. You would have to add very large amounts to your dishes every day to get an effect. For example, in order to match the same amount of curcuminoids from one 500 mg capsule of highly standardized (95% curcuminoids) turmeric extract, you should take about 23 g or 7 tablespoons of turmeric powder. Taking into account the increased bioavailability of the extract, this adds up to 49 tablespoons of turmeric.

Fortunately, science does not stand still and various possibilities have already been developed to increase bioavailability.

1. Curcumin in phytosome compound

A patented technology links the active ingredients (curcumin) to lecithin (phospholipids). A phospholipid is a structural protein and is therefore an important building element of our cells, more specifically of the cell membranes. They contain a water-soluble particle and a fat-soluble particle. Because of this exceptional property, they can easily migrate through the intestinal wall. A curcumine-phytosome complex ensures good stability and, above all, good absorbability. Curcuminoids in this phytosome form are up to 29 times better absorbed than unbound curcuminoids.

2. Curcumin and essential oils

A patented production process combines the high-quality Curcuma longa extract of curcuminoids with sesquiterpenoids and volatile oils, resulting in a significantly better absorption of the active substances.

3. Curcumin and black pepper

The addition of black pepper to a turmeric extract is often used. This addition greatly increases the absorbency of the curcuminoids. However, caution is advised, black pepper not only increases the absorbency of curcuminoids but also of other constituents such as pharmaceutical substances or fine dust. Moreover, black pepper is irritating to the stomach and intestines.

How do you recognize a good turmeric supplement?

So the popularity of turmeric is entirely justified. Let’s summarize what to look out for when choosing your turmeric supplement.

  • A high amount of active ingredient per capsule is important, make sure that standardizations are clearly stated on the packaging.
  • What is even more important is the bioavailability of the extract used. After all, a high amount of curcuminoids is useless if they cannot migrate through the intestinal wall.

Nutrisan offers two high quality turmeric supplements. Both contain a high amount of active ingredient and good bioavailability. CurcuPhyt contains the turmeric phytosome, which ensures a good absorption of curcumin. In CurcEssense, the turmeric extract is combined with essential oils that also facilitate the absorption of the active substances.

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