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Have you been eating excessively or unbalancedly in recent weeks? Or are you suffering from bloating, fatigue for no reason or headaches? Then a detox treatment might be just the thing for you.

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What is a detox?

Every day the body is attacked by waste products and toxins from the environment. Just think of exhaust fumes, processed food, cleaning products, cosmetics, … . Fortunately our body has an ingenious system to process these substances into harmless components and to remove them afterwards. However, when there are more waste products than the body can handle, they can accumulate in the cells and cause various discomforts.

During a detox or detoxification, you give the body the chance to put itself in order and remove the waste products that have accumulated in the cells. It is important during a detox to take into account that the body, both liver, digestion and skin and moisture balance, is sufficiently supported.

What should you watch out for in a detox?

Do not opt for a drastic detoxification that is difficult to maintain, but for a slow and balanced way. A balanced detox consists of 3 phases: the preparation, the effective detoxification and the build-up phase.

As a preparation, try to reduce and eventually completely eliminate foods such as refined sugars, alcohol, coffee and processed foods such as hot meals. You can also plan meatless days or start experimenting with different vegetables. You can start this preparation phase about a week in advance.

The detox itself lasts 3 days and the actual detoxification takes place during this phase. Does a juice cure seem too heavy to you? Detoxing is also perfectly possible by choosing light and pure food, whether or not combined with juices. Plan in advance and above all choose a detox that feels good and suits you. The most important thing is to drink enough water so that waste products can be properly disposed of by the body. A walk in nature or sauna can also have a positive influence during your detox. Try things that make you feel calm.

Afterwards, during the build-up phase, allow your body to get used to your normal meals again. Therefore, do not start immediately with heavy and difficult to digest food, but build up over a few days.


Super foods for during and after the detox!

Certain natural ingredients have a purifying effect or give the body extra support during a detox. You can integrate them into your detox plan as a food or dietary supplement.



  • Green tea : Green tea has been known in the East for centuries for its many positive effects in the body. Recently, it has also become increasingly popular and known in the West. Moreover, green tea contains less caffeine than coffee, making it a more balanced alternative. During a detoxification, green tea will help to remove waste products through its positive influence on the metabolism. In addition, green tea helps to strengthen the natural resistance, protects cells from oxidative stress, is good for cholesterol levels and supports memory and concentration.
  • Milk Thistle: It is nature’s best support for your liver, making it a perfect partner during a cleansing programme. Milk thistle is an edible herb that grows wild originally in Southern Europe. It is one of the best known herbs for its supportive effect on the liver. It contains many important active substances such as flavones. The typical flavones of milk thistle are silymarin, which also includes silybin.
  • Artichoke: Originally, artichoke comes from the Mediterranean area, but nowadays it can also be found here. It contains a lot of fibre and supports the digestion and the liver, giving it a purifying effect.
  • Broccoli: It is a superfood full of vitamins, minerals and fibre, and it is also low in calories. So, nothing but benefits.
  • Antioxidants: During a detox, free radicals can be released and it is important that the body has sufficient antioxidants to neutralise them.Tijdens een detox kunnen vrije radicalen vrijkomen en dan is het belangrijk dat het lichaam over voldoende antioxidanten beschikt om deze te neutraliseren.


Digital detox

Not only your body needs a detox now and then, but your mind as well. We use our smartphone more and more for daily things like shopping lists, agenda, news updates, … Admittedly, it makes our lives a lot easier but it also ensures that we are constantly available. Can we still do without it?

Therefore, opt for a digital detox. This doesn’t have to be radical by not using your smartphone for a week. It can also be done by making small choices.

  • Put your mobile phone on silent or aeroplane mode when you go to the gym or want to spend some time with your children, friends or family.
  • You don’t always have to check Facebook or Instagram immediately when you receive a notification. Try turning off push notifications and plan moments when you can take some time out to use the apps that are important to you. You will also notice that you are less distracted during the day.
  • Plan a half or full day without the apps you would otherwise be constantly checking. It might make you feel like you’re missing out at first, but you’ll soon find that it can be liberating.

For many, the start of the new year is a good time to begin a detox treatment, but choose the time that suits you best. Take time for yourself and go for a fresh head and body!

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