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I’m travelling and I’m taking with me…

Travel pharmacy

Set off on your journey with an easy mind and complete your toiletries bag or travel pharmacy with some Nutrisan travel essentials!

The first aid kit (first aid for inconveniences) of Nutrisan:

Equipped… also on a journey!

Do you have trouble sleeping in a different bed, suffer from jetlag or the heat? Nothing is more annoying than tossing and turning in bed all night. Make sure that you can start your day well rested and don’t let your jet lag stop you. That way, you can enjoy your holidays all the more.

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Ready to start the day rested°!

Meladormil contains liquid melatonin with extra vitamin B6 in a handy portable bottle (30 or 50 ml)! Melatonin is a substance that occurs naturally in the body. Our body produces this substance itself when it gets dark. Thanks to the liquid form, melatonin is absorbed very quickly by the mucous membrane, and in this way it is easy to dose and to take. °Vitamin B6 helps reduce fatigue. In addition, it helps to maintain proper functioning of the nervous and immune systems and contributes to normal psychological functions including concentration and memory.

I’m travelling and I’m taking with me…

Stress-free holidays!

Holidays are a time for relaxation and rest. Easier said than done when that car breaks down, you’re late for your flight, your accommodation is cancelled or your work still calls you every day… The unforeseen setbacks can push the stress up again, make sure you can throw them overboard with Gabaril Relax Spray.

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I’m travelling and I’m taking with me…

Gabaril Relax Spray:

Instant support for tension and stress°!

The Gabaril Relax spray is a spray with two adaptogenic plants built around the substance GABA. This easy-to-use spray (30 or 50 ml) is handy to take with you and to dose as required. An instant support when experiencing tension and stress°. °Rose root is an adaptogenic plant that helps during short-lived stress. Vitamin B6 supports normal psychological functioning and the nervous system.

Boost your energy level for that active dream holiday!

You experience more when your energy level is up. You know the situation: finally the holiday has arrived but your body and head are dull and tired. Such a shame, because on holiday you want to get the most out of your days. Make sure you lift both your energy level and your holiday to a higher level with NutriVit B Forte!

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NutriVit B Forte:

Recharge for more energy°!

NutriVit B Forte contains a complete team of all 8 B-vitamins in a well absorbable form.

B-vitamins contribute to:

  • °A normal energy metabolism (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and biotin)
  • Normal nervous system function (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and Biotin)
  • Normal psychological functioning (B1, B3, B6, B12, folate and biotin)
  • Reduction of fatigue (B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and folate)
  • Normal functioning of the immune system (B6, B12 and folate)
  • Normal lipid metabolism and normal homocysteine metabolism (Choline)
  • Normal function of the heart (B1)


Enjoy without worries!

When travelling, you eat differently than usual. You cook less and eat out more at irregular times. Or does the country you are visiting have a completely different cuisine? It can sometimes be a strain on your digestion.

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I’m travelling and I’m taking with me…

FloraSan Forte:

20 billion good bacteria

FloraSan Forte contains 7 different types of lactic acid bacteria, totalling 20 billion bacteria per capsule. Bacteria are protected from gastric acid to reach the intestinal tract intact. The capsules should not be kept cool.

Don’t forget your daily vitamins for the whole family!

Even when travelling, your body can use a supplement of the right vitamins. Our NutriVit D3-K2 Family is ideal if you are travelling with the whole family. And believe us, in this tasty gummy form, you won’t forget to take them!


NutriVit D3-K2 Family:

Your daily vitamins D3 and K2 for the whole family!

Tasty gummies with vitamins D3 and K2 for the immune system, muscles, bones and teeth°. With delicious orange flavour for the whole family, from 3 years of age! So you never forget your vitamins.
°Vitamins K and D contribute to the maintenance of normal bones. °Vitamin D supports normal function of the immune system, muscle function and teeth.

I’m travelling and I’m taking with me…

Is your travel pharmacy filled with the best holiday-proof food supplements? Then don’t forget your good mood and leave your worries at home. That way, your holiday is sure to be memorable!

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