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  • Reduction of fatigue
  • Liver

Livatox contains standardised plant extracts, easily absorbed vitamins and the natural form of α-lipoic acid.


  • Liver

SilyPhyt contains milk thistle in phytosome form, whereby the active ingredients are linked to phospholipids. This link ensures that silybin is more easily absorbed by the body.

Detox your body naturally

Our lifestyle and environment can result in undesirable substances entering our bodies, such as pesticides, preservatives or synthetic flavours, fragrances and colours. Our body largely converts and processes these substances itself. Our liver subsequently detoxifies and excretes them via the urinary tract.
Want to support your body’s internal cleansing process? You can supplement a healthy lifestyle comprising sufficient exercise and a balanced diet with dietary supplements containing ingredients that help to detox your body.

Detox your body using natural ingredients

At Nutrisan, we combine scientific expertise with natural ingredients that benefit specific bodily functions. This results in innovative, high-quality dietary supplements. Ingredients that help to cleanse your body:

vitamin C (acerola), manganese and selenium support normal immune system function and help to protect cells from oxidative stress
milk thistle helps maintain healthy liver function and thus supports internal cleansing
blueberry juice is beneficial for normal bowel function
burdock root contributes to the purification and healthy condition of the skin
artichoke leaf promotes digestion
Javanese tea plays a role in managing moisture balance
Hibiscus sabdariffa (roselle) supports the urinary tract
choline and turmeric choline contributes to normal fat metabolism and turmeric helps prevent excessive fat in the liver
vitamins B6, B12 and selenium optimise normal immune system function

More about Nutrisan

Nutrisan specialises in the scientific development of dietary supplements. We carefully select natural ingredients and apply pure production techniques to develop supplements that can be readily absorbed by your body. Our products are available from specialists, general practitioners, pharmacists and paramedics.

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