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  • Blood sugar level
  • Energy metabolism

A blood sugar level° supporting combination of three standardised and scientifically proven plant extracts, biotin and chromium. The cinnamon present is a water extract that is well tolerated.

Natural ingredients that promote stable blood sugar levels

A hereditary predisposition to high blood sugar levels, combined with unhealthy eating habits can cause complications. It is therefore essential to keep your blood sugar levels in balance. You can do this by addressing your daily diet, exercise regime and stress levels. Nutrisan also provides a range of dietary supplements containing specific ingredients that support stable blood sugar levels.

Sugar metabolism and natural ingredients

All of our dietary supplements are formulated from a careful selection of natural raw ingredients. Extensive scientific research ensures a clever synergy between the various extracts and pure production techniques enable your body to absorb the active ingredients naturally and efficiently.

Common ingredients that support stable blood sugar levels:

cinnamon, banabá and Gymnema sylvestre support sugar metabolism
biotin contributes to a normal energy-producing metabolism
chromium plays a role in maintaining normal blood sugar levels

About Nutrisan

Nutrisan is a pioneer in the development, production and distribution of high-quality dietary supplements, primarily aimed at specialists, general practitioners, pharmacists and paramedics.

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