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Back to school? Make sure your resistance can take a punch!

The school gates are open again! For the majority, this provides a step toward a familiar routine but for others it means extra care. Be sure to read on and discover how you can support the natural resistance of each family member.



The first day of school is over. The children have met new classmates and teachers or are happy to see their friends again on the playground. This automatically brings us more in contact with other people and it is more important than ever to respect our basic hygiene, such as washing our hands.


For toddlers, primary school children as well as adolescents, the first weeks of September are often exciting and captivating but also very tiring. It requires something from a child: the new school rhythm, a whole day of concentration, homework and after-school activities. The new busy schedule can lead to fatigue, which can reduce the child’s natural resistance. This in combination with more contact with all kinds of new people can increase the risk of becoming ill. A good functioning and support of the immune system is therefore important for both young and old.


Read below some useful tips to keep your child’s natural resistance at its best.

  •  Make sure you have a good routine. Going to sleep on time is the message. But also eating, study and relax at set times help to achieve a good rhythm.
  • A good night’s sleep is of course necessary for good resistance. Try to avoid mobile phones and iPads just before going to sleep.
  • Teach your child good hand hygiene and remind them regularly. At school they touch all kinds of things and are in contact with other pupils. Good hand hygiene is important to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs.
  • Does your child often suffer from stress? Try to find a way to deal with this together. Talk about it and find out what works for your child. Increased stress can have a negative impact on the immune system.
  • Healthy nutrition. Not only what’s on the plate in the evening is important, but also what’s in your child’s lunch box in the afternoon. Make sure there is enough variation. A sandwich, vegetables and a piece of fruit is an ideal meal.
  • Make sure there is enough relaxation, the first month of school is a great time to learn! Even if the circumstances are different, let your child play and learn, or let them practice a new or existing hobby or sport. Of course, don’t forget to enjoy this time yourself, before you know it your child will have a diploma!
  • Need a little extra support? Some supplements have been specially developed to contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system and are an ideal supplement to support your child’s natural resistance!

Vitamine D

Vitamin D, also known as the sun’s vitamin, is a necessary vitamin for young and old. Vitamin D is produced in the skin thanks to the sun’s rays. It plays a role in various processes all over the body. Vitamin D is good for bones, teeth, muscles, the immune system and the absorption of calcium.

Vitamin D is an extremely important vitamin, especially for children. During the growth spurt, the body needs extra vitamin D to build up the bones. Therefore, since 2003, Kind en Gezin advises to give children, from birth up to and including the age of 6 years, 400 IU or 10 μg of extra vitamin D every day (independent of the milk formula). And this all year round. Even after 6 years, it is advisable to give your child vitamin D on a daily basis.

Would you like to know more about vitamin D or what a good vitamin D supplement is? Then read this blog.

Plant-based support

For periods when your child’s immune system needs extra support, you can choose supplements specially developed for children that are easy to take in liquid form.

Nutrivit D3 Eng
Immunosan Family Eng

Support your resistance in a natural way!

Also for you as a parent, it is a hectic period. And the beginning of the new school year takes a lot of energy. Don’t lose sight of yourself and take enough time for yourself when necessary. Do you need some tips to maintain your resistance ? Read them here.
Try to be alert when you can use extra support!

Vitamin D for the whole family, including parents

Kind en Gezin recommends that children up to the age of 6 years should be given extra vitamin D every day. However, research has shown that not only children are lacking vitamin D. A large-scale Flemish study among 4460 test subjects shows that only 11% have enough vitamin D in their blood (>75 nmol/l), 29% have not enough (50-75 nmol/l) and as much as 60% have a shortage (<50 nmol/).1 Especially in the autumn and winter months when there is less sunshine, the risk of a vitamin D shortage is much higher. You can easily fix a vitamin D dip with a good vitamin D supplement .

Useful polysaccharides as stimulants

Polysaccharides such as beta-glucans from beneficial mushrooms (oyster mushroom, shiitake, reishi, …) or traditional plants are special triggers to keep the immune system alert. They are complex carbohydrates that stimulate all players within the immune system.

  1. Faché WA, de Groote Guy. 4460 serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels representative for Flanders Ghent region. CRI labo Gent
Immunosan Defense Eng
Immune System Can Take A Punch
Immuril Eng

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