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Mentally in balance with saffron

Saffron, one of the most expensive spices in the world, is not only loved for its bright colour and unique taste in the culinary world. Due to its positive influence on the state of mind and mood, it is also a natural pillar for your mental balance.

Saffron more than a seasoning

Saffron is especially well-known in the kitchen, think of paella from Spain, Italian risotto and our rustic Belgian rice pudding. These are all classics that owe their intense colour and characteristic aroma and flavour to this herb.

Saffron has been used extensively for 4000 years and not only for its aromatic taste. Ancient medicine assigns various properties to this special herb. And rightly so, because the positive effects are confirmed time and again in the many available and scientifically substantiated studies. Because of this, saffron is still a widely used, natural support such as in food supplements.

The red gold

The spice saffron consists of the dried orange-red pistils of the Crocus Sativus or saffron crocus. The flowers are hand-picked and contain three pistils each. Approximately 150,000 flowers are needed to obtain one kilogram of saffron. This meticulous and very time-consuming task makes saffron one of the most expensive spices in the world, hence its nickname ‘red gold’.




A positive mood and state of mind is worth gold

1 in 3 Belgians declare themselves dissatisfied with their mental well-being

In January 2020, Sciensano published the 5th report of the Health Survey 2018 on well-being and mental health status of the population in Belgium. This shows that 12% of the population is very dissatisfied with their lives and only 14% have an optimal life energy. 1 in 3 suffers from mental unwellness and has the feeling of being under constant pressure (29%). 23% have a sleep deficit due to worry and 20% feel unhappy and depressed.

The importance of mental well-being is receiving more and more attention. The taboo is slowly being broken and that is definitely a good sign.
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Saffron a natural ingredient for your mental balance

Saffron has been praised for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine for its positive influence on mood and mood. In Ayurvedic medicine it was already described as an adaptogen. This means that saffron increases mental resilience without causing exhaustion. Scientific research has examined these properties very thoroughly in recent years and has confirmed these effects. This shows that saffron offers an efficient and natural approach to finding emotional balance and relaxation and to maintaining a positive mood.

Saffron in food supplements, what should you pay attention to?

It is extremely important that good quality saffron is used in food supplements. There are namely some specific, special substances that are important in saffron to carry out the positive effects. Crocin, a water-soluble carotenoid, is responsible for the red/orange colour in saffron. The taste is mainly caused by picrocrocin and the aroma by safranal.

Crocin and safranal are both very potent antioxidants and the active substances responsible for the positive effect on the state of mind. These active substances are temperature sensitive and will not remain stable in hot dishes containing saffron. This is the case in a carefully produced saffron extract. Always ensure that a food supplement uses a standardised saffron extract, in which the bioactive substance is definitely sufficiently present.

In small doses, as used in supplements, saffron has no known side effects. For very high doses of saffron, however, one should be careful, so always stick to the recommended dosage mentioned on the packaging or by a health professional.


The saffron extract used in SaffraMed is very pure! The flowers are picked in the morning and the pistils are removed manually. The red pistils are then carefully dried. From the dried pistils the saffron extract is made, a natural extract that will always contain the same amount of crocin.


  • Unique combination to support a good mood°.
    °Saffron contributes to a positive state of mind and a good mental balance.
  • Containing pure saffron extract, turmeric in phytosome form that provides better absorption (29x) and selectively chosen nutrients.
  • The saffron extract is an extract of saffron tampers and uniquely standardized at >3% crocin for a reliable physiological effect.
  • Directly active forms of vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid.
  • Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) is the most physiologically active form of vitamin D.

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